Discover the key features

Discover the key features of XPFlightPlanner, including automatic route finder, advanced flight plan tool, navmaps, airport charts, and seamless compatibility with X-Plane.

Route finder

The flight plan generator in XPFlightPlanner is the ultimate tool for easy and powerful flight planning for X-Plane flight simulator.

Flight plan tool

Manual flight plan creator and flight plan customization in XPFlightPlanner are powerful tools that puts the control in your hands.

Navmaps & charts

With navigation maps and aeronautical charts, XPFlightPlanner is your essential companion for realistic flight simulation charts.

Airport charts

XPFlightPlanner provides in-depth information about airports around the world for smooth and safe taxi, takeoff, landing and parking.


SID and STAR procedures integrated in XPFlightPlanner are designed to take your flight planning simulation and navigation to new heights.

Fuel planning

Our fuel planning and load sheet features are designed to enhance your flight planning experience with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Oceanic tracks

As you prepare long-distance flights across the oceans, our feature provides you with the necessary tools and information to generate your route with Atlantic or Pacific tracks.

X-Plane 12 and 11 compatibility

Our flight planner and navmaps are designed to integrate with X-Plane 12/11 and its FMS, enhancing your flight planning experience.

World database

Our flight planner and navigation charts work seamlessly with X-Plane’s comprehensive world navigation database.

Unlock the true potential of X-Plane with XPFlightPlanner, the ultimate flight plan generator.