Flight plan generator for X-Plane

Effortless flight planning with XPFlightPlanner automatic route finder, generate your flight plan in seconds!

SID and STAR procedures

Master your flight plan with SID/STAR procedures, directly displayed on the navigation map and easily inserted into your route!

Airport charts for X-Plane

Immerse yourself in realism with highly detailed airport charts and aeronautical maps, from daylight to nighttime lights!

Flight plan generator for X-Plane

The ultimate flight planner for X-Plane, including easy and powerful flight plan generator, route finder with SID/STAR, aeronautical maps, airport charts: you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to increase your flight simulation reality. Designed for beginners and experimented sim pilots, XPFlightPlanner offers full compatibility with X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 11.

Discover XPFlightPlanner features

Automatic flight plan generator and route finder

Aeronautical charts and navigation map

Integrated and detailed airport charts

Full SID and STAR procedures

Simulator realtime plane tracking with moving maps

Compatible with X-Plane 12, X-Plane 11 and Navigraph

Most features are available for free! Compare…

See XPFlightPlanner in action

Discover the simplicity and the power of the best X-Plane flight planner in action! Say goodbye to manual route planning: select a starting point, choose a destination, enter flight parameters… and go. The flight plan generator will work its magic, selecting the optimal route that is compatible with your chosen aircraft’s performance.

Let it be your flight companion

Discover and compare the features available in the free version of XPFlightPlanner, our flight planner app, with the enhanced capabilities you’ll gain after purchasing a license.


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