Free navigation maps and airport charts for X-Plane

XPCharts is a free navigation chart and airport map viewer specifically designed for X-Plane. It features comprehensive world navigation database, SID and STAR procedures, and detailed airport maps. XPCharts is entirely free and is built using the same maps and charts as XPFlightPlanner (the ultimate flight planner for X-Plane). Designed for both beginner and experienced sim pilots, XPCharts offers full compatibility with X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 (and custom data such as Navigraph).

Enjoy all the features of XPCharts for FREE!

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Beta version

Ubuntu (22.04, 24.04)
Download XPCharts the free navigation chart app for X-Plane, Ubuntu Linux (x86_64).

False positive detections can occur with antivirus software. If you are encountering an issue you may find more information in the FAQ.

Installation instructions

  • Windows
    1. Download the installer
    2. Execute the installer and follow instructions
    3. Launch XPCharts from the Start menu
  • Mac
    1. Download the image file (dmg)
    2. Open the image file and copy XPCharts to Applications folder
    3. Eject the disk image and launch XPCharts by double clicking on it
  • Linux
    1. Download the tarball file (tgz)
    2. Extract the tarball
    3. Double click on the AppImage file to launch XPCharts
    4. After installation register your application if your purchased a license