Discover the key features of XPFlightPlanner, including aeronautical chats, advanced manual and automatic flight planning capabilities, and seamless compatibility with X-Plane. Read on to learn more about what XPFlightPlanner has to offer.

Aeronautical charts

Charts and map themes

XPFlightPlanner 4 includes completely redesigned aeronautical charts that are more readable and better adapted to the IFR or VFR situation. We created several map themes such as terrain, light and dark.

XPFlightPlanner map themes

Airport details

XPFlightPlanner provides a comprehensive view of all airport details, including engine start, taxi, takeoff, landing, and parking, ensuring you have the information you need for a smooth flight.

XPFlightPlanner map details

Sim flight planner

Save time with route finder

Why bother you with manual flight planning when It can be automated? The free flight plan generator allows you to create flight plans using the best routes from the X-Plane database.

XPFLightPlanner flight plan generator

Create flight plan with clicks

Automatic and manual flight plans can be manually edited, right-click on a map item to get info or add it. Double click on the item to add (or remove) the waypoint at the best position in the flight plan.

XPFlightPlanner edit flight plan

North Atlantic and Pacific

XPFlightPlanner offers a collection of standardized tracks for crossing oceans, including North Atlantic Tracks and Pacific Tracks, providing you with a reliable, efficient and safe flight plan for your long-distance flights.

XPFlightPlanner North Atlantic and Pacific tracks flight planning

X-Plane compatibility

World navigation database

XPFlightPlanner loads the full navigation database from X-Plane (compatible with versions 11 and 12). More than 200k points, 100k segments and 30k airports! Custom AIRAC cycles can also be imported from Navigraph.

XPFlightPlanner X-Plane database

X-Plane flight planner

The flight plans are stored in X-Plane FMS native format. Wether they are generated with the route finder or manually created, can then be loaded into the Flight Management System of your preferred aircraft.

XPFlightPlanner flight plan native X-Plane file format

Sim brief before flight

Print flight plan log

XPFlightPlanner allows you to print a clear, easy-to-read flight plan log to assist you during your simulated flight. The sim brief provides a reference for your routes, altitudes, waypoints, and other important information.

XPFlightPlanner print flight plans