Release of version 4.4.4

πŸŽ‰ We’re excited to announce the release of XPFlightPlanner and XPCharts version 4.4.4, packed with amazing new features to enhance your flight planning and navigation experience! πŸš€βœ¨

🌍 New Features Include:

  • Real-time X-Plane Aircraft Tracking: See your aircraft position on the moving map!
  • Comprehensive Airport Charts: Now with detailed taxiway names and SID/STAR legs.
  • Export Options Expanded: Seamless export to FlightFactor 757, FlightFactor 767-777, and PMDG 777.
  • Enhanced Navigation: Improved VOR/DME/NDB ranges and updated oceanic tracks (NAT/PACOT).
  • More Customization: New black and white map theme and copy content to clipboard.

πŸ›« Complete List of Features:

  • X-Plane aircraft tracking on the map.
  • Added taxiway names on the map.
  • Air pressure details in waypoint info.
  • Updated oceanic tracks (NAT/PACOT).
  • Export to FlightFactor 757 v2, FlightFactor 767-777, and PMDG 777.
  • Improved VOR/DME/NDB ranges.
  • Support for many SID/STAR legs.
  • New black and white map theme.
  • Copy information panel and text briefing to clipboard.
  • Added status bar at bottom of the screen.

Read more in the changelog.

Upgrade now and take your flight planning to the next level! πŸ›¬

Get the Update Now!

XPFlightPlanner and XPCharts 4.4.4 are available for download now! Visit ourΒ download pageΒ to get the latest version and experience the new features for yourself.

Thank you for your continued support, and happy flying!

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