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  • Introducing XPFlightPlanner Version 4.2: Elevate Your Flight Planning Experience

    We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of XPFlightPlanner version 4.2, the ultimate flight planner for X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 11. This version is packed with exciting new features and enhancements that will take your flight planning to new heights. Get ready to explore the skies like never before with these game-changing additions: […]

  • Route generator from SID to STAR coming soon!

    Sneak Peek of What’s Coming Soon! We’re excited to give you an exclusive preview of the amazing features that are on the horizon for XPFlightPlanner! Brace yourself for the upcoming addition of Standard Instrument Departures (SID) and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STAR) to our route generator. Get ready to take your flight planning to a […]

  • Announcing SID and STAR procedures

    📣 Exciting News! Coming Soon to XPFlightPlanner! 🛫✨ We’re thrilled to announce that we will soon be introducing a highly anticipated feature: SID and STAR procedures! 🌟✈️ Get ready to take your flight planning to new heights with the addition of detailed Standard Instrument Departures (SID) and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STAR). This upcoming feature […]

  • Release of XPFlightPlanner version 4.1.0

    We are happy to announce the release of XPFlightPlanner version 4.1.0! This new update comes packed with exciting features and bug fixes that we’re sure you’ll love. One of the most significant new features in this update is the introduction of plane performance with 18 plane presets ; all planes that are included in X-Plane […]

  • XPFlightPlanner is now available in the Microsoft Store!

    Exciting news for all ✈️ flight simmers! XPFlightPlanner is now available in the Microsoft Store! Easily plan your flight with this user-friendly flight planning tool designed to enhance your flight simulation experience. With features such as SID and STAR procedures, airway navigation, and airport charts, XPFlightPlanner is a must-have for any serious virtual pilot 👩‍✈️. […]

  • XPFlightPlanner 4, a major upgrade!

    Greetings Flight Simulator Enthusiasts, We are thrilled to announce the launch of XPFlightPlanner version 4, a major upgrade of our flight planning application designed for flight simulator games. This release comes packed with new and exciting features that we are confident will take your flight simulation experience to the next level. Compatibility with X-Plane 12, […]

  • New flight plan generator algorithm

    The pathfinding algorithm has been completely rewritten for the XPFlightPlanner version 4 flight plan generator. Here is an overview of the generator window in this screenshot. The generator allows finding the best flight plan from one point to another, whether it is an airport or a navigation point. The algorithm takes into account the performance […]

  • Introducing map themes in version 4

    XPFlightPlanner 4 will be released with completely redesigned maps that are more readable and better adapted to the situation. To enhance the visual experience, we are introducing map themes. Here is a preview of this new feature. The light theme offers a clear and easy-to-view map with pastel colors and a clean basemap. In this preview, […]

  • A quick glance at XPFlightPlanner 4

    We are excited to announce the release of the new version of XPFlightPlanner 4, packed with a range of new features that we believe our users will love. As a thank you to our loyal customers, those who purchased version 3 after November 1st will be able to upgrade to version 4 for free. Stay […]