Introducing XPFlightPlanner version 4.4.0

Your ultimate Flight Planner for X-Plane just got better!

We are excited to announce the release of XPFlightPlanner Version 4.4.0, an update that brings a host of new features and improvements to elevate your flight planning experience. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or just starting your journey in flight simulation, this update has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the major features and enhancements that make this version the best yet!

Flight plan generator and route finder

Our flight plan generator offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly create flight plans. Say goodbye to manual route calculations. Our advanced route finder algorithm takes into account various factors such as airways and aircraft performance to generate the most efficient and compliant route. With XPFlightPlanner generate your sim brief and save more time for flight simulation!

Detailed flight log

Our new flight log feature provides a comprehensive record of your flight plan, emphasis every detail from takeoff to landing. This tool is perfect for those who want to plan their virtual flights, track flight during simulation, and keep a record of their virtual journeys.

Full SID integration

Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) are now fully integrated into XPFlightPlanner. SID and STAR are automatically chosen by the route finder, or you can easily add these procedures to your flight plans, ensuring a more realistic and efficient departure from airports and get detailed instructions as well as departure chart.

Flight altitude profile

Visualize your flight’s vertical profile with our new altitude profile feature. This graph allows you to see the altitude changes throughout your route, helping you plan for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Detailed STAR integration

Our improved STAR integration makes it easier than ever to add these procedures to your flight plans. You can now search for and select STARs with ease from the flight log or from the information panel, ensuring your routes are accurate and compliant with real-world procedures.

Extensive list of airplanes

Our updated airplane manager window provides a more intuitive interface for managing your fleet for X-Plane. You can now add, edit, and import airplanes with ease. We’ve expanded our aircraft library to include the Embraer E190, giving you more options for your flight simulations.

Fuel planning

Proper fuel management is crucial for any flight. With our new fuel planning tool and load sheet, you can accurately calculate fuel requirements and ensure your aircraft is properly loaded for each flight with accuracy. It estimates the fuel burned during taxi, the en-route burned fuel and standard reserve.

Export to any format

XPFlightPlanner 4.4.0 supports a wide range of export formats, ensuring compatibility with various flight simulation platforms and tools. Whether you’re using X-Plane FMS, IVAO IVAC or XIVAC, XFMC, Aerosoft, IXEG, JARDesign, UFMC, GPX, KML, or other airplanes or networks such as VATSIM, we’ve got you covered.

Operational flight plan

Our new Operational Flight Plan (OFP) feature provides a detailed overview of your entire flight, from departure to arrival. This includes waypoints, ICAO route, fuel calculations, and other critical information, all in one convenient document.

Bug fixes and performance

We’ve also made numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, including:

  • Faster navpoint database loading
  • Fixed runway surface issues at major airports like KSFO, KORD, and KLAX
  • Improved search functionality on Mac

Get the Update Now!

XPFlightPlanner 4.4.0 is available for download now! Visit our download page to get the latest version and experience the new features for yourself.

Thank you for your continued support, and happy flying!

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates, tutorials, and flight plan ideas. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help!

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