Flight plan from LFBO to LFPO

✈️ Embark on an A320neo Adventure for a Virtual Delivery Flight!

Take off 🛫 from Toulouse Blagnac Airport (LFBO) runway 32R and navigate the skies towards Paris Orly Airport (LFPO) to land 🛬 on RW02. 🌍✨ Experience the excitement of an aircraft delivery for a virtual airline, with a full flight plan with SID MEN5B and STAR MOU9E procedures. 🧑🏽‍✈️ Step into the shoes of a skilled pilot, following real-world routes and procedures to ensure a smooth and professional flight. ✈️ Discover the thrill of precision and enjoy the beauty of virtual aviation as you deliver this A320neo safely to its destination. 🚀


Transition RW32B

Type: SID or SID Common Route

10Course 322° to DME TOU distance 2nm
25Course 322° to fix TOU, fly-over
28Course 94° to an intercept
30Course 64° to fix MEDAP
35Track to fix BISBI
40Track to fix MEN


Transition RW02

Type: STAR Runway Transition

10Initial fix MOU
20Track to fix AVLON
25Track to fix OKRIX, holding, limited to 280kts
30Track to fix EBOMA, limited to 250kts
40Track to fix MOLBA, holding


Transition MOL6E

Type: Approach Transition

10[IAF] Initial fix MOLBA, holding, limited to 250kts
20Track to fix MLN
30Track to fix PO621
40From fix PO621 heading 272° to a manual termination
50Course 17° to fix CI02, at 3000ft


Type: Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach

10[FACF] Initial fix CI02, at 3000ft, glide slope FACF altitude at 3000ft
20[FAF] Course 17° to fix FI02, at 3000ft, glide slope FAF altitude at 3000ft
30Course 17° to fix RW02, at 337ft
MMissed approach
40Course 17° to fix D017C, fly-over, at 2000ft, limited to 185kts
60Heading 73° to a manual termination

👉 Download links for the FMS and PDF files: