SID/STAR procedures

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Point, procedure and transition

Airports are intricate hubs of aviation activity, featuring a variety of procedures designed for efficient departures (SID), arrivals (STAR), and runway approaches (APPCH). XPFlightPlanner delves into the complexity of these procedures, offering users a detailed exploration of each aspect.

Within these procedures, users encounter a series of transitions, which represent crucial segments of the overall process. These transitions are composed of multiple records, each providing step-by-step instructions to guide the aircraft through the intricacies of the procedure. This granular level of detail ensures a comprehensive understanding of the route, empowering users to create highly accurate and realistic flight plans.

For SID procedures, the software highlights the exit points (terminations), ensuring that aircraft seamlessly transition from the airport to their en-route phase. Similarly, for STAR procedures, the emphasis is on entry points, streamlining the process of integrating the aircraft into the arrival phase.

Terminal: KSFO
Type: SID
Records: 16
-> Transition RW28B
10 Heading 284° to an altitude termination at or above 520ft
20 Direct to fix KYNNG
30 Track to fix KRLOS
40 Track to fix SNTNA
-> Transition DEDHD
10 Initial fix SNTNA
20 Track to fix DEDHD
-> Transition GRTFL
10 Initial fix SNTNA
20 Track to fix GRTFL
-> Transition MOGEE
10 Initial fix SNTNA
20 Track to fix MOGEE
-> Transition ORRCA
10 Initial fix SNTNA
20 Track to fix ORRCA
-> Transition SYRAH
10 Initial fix SNTNA
20 Track to fix SYRAH
-> Transition TIPRE
10 Initial fix SNTNA
20 Track to fix TIPRE

As instance SID procedure SNTNA2 for San Francisco International (KSFO) has several transitions:

  • transition RW28B (from both runway 28L and 28R) to an intermediate fix SNTNA,
  • then multiple transitions from SNTNA to each SID terminations: DEDHD, GRTFL, MOGEE, ORRCA, SYRAH and TIPRE,
  • each of these transitions are made of several records for intermediate steps.

Display the procedure

XPFlightPlanner offers multiple ways for users to access detailed information about airport procedures and their corresponding transitions. To explore these information, right-click on an airport either directly on the map or within the point list. Navigate to the “More Details” submenu to find two options for comprehensive insights:

  • Select “SID/STAR” to reveal entry points for STAR procedures and exit points for SID.
  • Or select “Procedures” to access a comprehensive list of all procedures associated with the airport.

This intuitive approach empowers users to effortlessly navigate through the details of airport operations, enhancing the overall flight planning experience.

Get SID and STAR procedures

Effortlessly bring airport procedures and their transitions to life on the map by clicking on a specific procedure, such as SNTNA2. This simple action provides a dynamic, visual representation of the chosen procedure and its associated transitions, offering a clearer understanding of the airport’s operations.

List of procedures for KSFO airport

Add transition to the flight plan

Once the procedure is visible on the map, enhance your flight plan by seamlessly adding transitions. Simply right-click on the displayed procedure and choose between two convenient options:

  • Automatic Insertion
  • or Manual Insertion.

This intuitive process allows you to tailor your flight plan with precision, whether you prefer the system to automatically insert transitions or manually select them according to your specific preferences.

Add SID/STAR to the flight plan

Opt for the simplicity of Automatic insertion when adding transitions to your flight plan.

  • XPFlightPlanner intelligently places SID transitions right at the outset, immediately following the airport (which is automatically included if not already positioned first).
  • Similarly, STAR and APPCH transitions seamlessly integrate just before your chosen destination airport (automatically added if not already specified).

However you can choose Manual insertion that provides you with the flexibility to add transitions exactly where you want them in the flight plan. Whether before or after an existing waypoint, this option empowers you to tailor your plan precisely to your preferences.

This streamlined process ensures that your flight plan maintains optimal structure and accuracy. XPFlightPlanner’s intuitive design ensures that your manual adjustments seamlessly integrate into the overall route, offering a personalized touch to your flight planning experience.