End User License Agreement

The XPFlightPlanner software is developed for managing flight plans to be used with flight simulator games. It is intended for gaming flight simulation purposes only and should not be used for real-world simulations or real flight. The author of XPFlightPlanner assumes no responsibility for any misuse of this software.

XPFlightPlanner is distributed exclusively by xpflightplanner.com. No other website or distribution channel is authorized to distribute XPFlightPlanner.

In order to use XPFlightPlanner, you must have a valid license. This license is personal and non-transferable. The end user is allowed to install the license on multiple computers that the user own.

When using XPFlightPlanner in unregistered mode (valid no license installed), the application will run in demonstration mode and flight plans will be limited to saving, loading and printing a maximum of 5 waypoints.

The author assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of using XPFlightPlanner. This program is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

By using XPFlightPlanner, the end user agrees to these terms and conditions without any reservation. Continued use of the software implies acceptance of this end user license agreement.