Flight planner and route generator for X-Plane

Airport charts and flight plan maps

Meet XPFlightPlanner version 4

The X-Plane flight planning application

The best flight planner application for X-Plane flight simulator. The route generator, the aeronautical maps and airport charts are fully compatible with X-Plane 12 and 11. It has been carefully designed to be intuitive, allowing flightsim enthusiasts to easily create flight plan with just a few clicks.

Discover XPFlightPlanner features

Aeronautical charts with complete navigation database

Crystal clear map themes adapted to IFR and VFR

Automatic flight plan generator from one point to another

Compatible with X-Plane 12, 11 and Navigraph

Most features are available for free! Compare…

A glance to XPFlightPlanner

Take a look at the free flight planner for X-Plane in action! Select a starting point, choose a destination, enter flight parameters… and go. The flight plan generator will choose the best route with the available airways compatible with the selected aircraft performance.

Let XPFlightPlanner be your flight companion


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