End user license agreement

XPFlightPlanner is a software developped for managing flight plans to be used with flight simulator games. XPFlightPlanner is designed to be used for gaming flight simulation purpose only; it shall not be used for real world simulation. The author declines all responsabilities in case of misuse of this software.

XPFlightPlanner is distributed by xpflightplanner.com; this web site is the only one that is allowed to distribute XPFlightPlanner.

To use XPFlightPlanner the end-user shall have buyed a license. This license is strictly personnal and shall not be distributed to other persons. The end-user can install the license on all of its computers.

When XPFlightPlanner is used in the non-licensed mode (demonstration mode) flight plans are limited to 5 (five) waypoints.

The author declines all responsabilities if XPFlightPlanner damages the end-user computers and/or data stored into them.